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What is Youth Rush?


Youth Rush is a student literature

evangelism program. We go door to door offering books like: Steps to Christ, Great Controversy, Desire of Ages, and Christ object Lessons, as well as offering prayer and bible studies.

 Every day during the school year as well as all the breaks, students from college as well as high school participate in Youth Rush. Because of these programs they are able to pay for their tuition costs.

The Work We Do

The canvassing work is not easy, in many ways it is the hardest job you will ever have, however it is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs you will ever have. There is no better feeling than that of sharing the gospel with someone in need. It is thrilling and humbling to realize that you are able to play a role in the salvation of souls.

“The very best education young men can obtain is by entering the canvassing field and working from house to house. In this work they will find opportunity to speak the words of life. Thus they will sow the seeds of truth. Let young men show that they have resting on them a burden from the Lord. The only way for them to prove that they can stand firm in God, having on the whole armor, is by doing faithfully the work God has given them to do. —Manuscript 75, 1900.” Ellen G. White, COLPORTEUR MINISTRY, PAGE 31,