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The Publishing Department was, is and will always be one of the most important departments of our church system.

It plays an important role in the origin, establishment, expansion and development of the Seventh Day Adventist Church around the world. Its origin dates back to 1848, when Ellen G. White had a vision, which instructed “the proclamation of the sealing message, and of the duty of the brethren to publish the light that was shinning upon our pathway” (Colporteur Ministry p. 1).

She was instructed to “begin to print a little paper and send it out to the people” and was assured that from that “small beginning” it would spread like “streams of light that went clear round the world” (idem). This prediction became reality. We now have around 60 publishing houses, we are 45,000 workers strong that deliver the message of life and salvation in more than 200 languages around the world.

The goal of the department of publishing is to produce and distribute Adventist literature in all the languages possible, covering all stages of human life, with a variety of subjects on physical, mental and spiritual health, family education and any other topic of moral and spiritual value, whose fundamental purpose is to preach the truth of The Word of God and to prepare the people for the second coming of Christ in glory and majesty.

Also, the department of publishing offers and provides jobs to thousands of members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and to many students of schools, academies and universities who are able to get financial means to pay for their tuition, expand the Adventist message, and experience a fulfiling social and spiritual life; and the most important aspect is that, through this wonderful ministry thousands of people have converted the the Seventh Day Adventist Church and rejoice in the truth of the Gospel until the Second Coming of our Lord.

If you would like more information about this wonderful and blessed ministry, its history, outreach and service opportunities, please click here or if you would like to know more about our books or printed materials for you or a loved one, we have different types of Bibles, books, collections such as The Bible Story, Encyclopedia of Foods and Their Healing Power, etc., please contact us and we will gladly contact you, your church or your school. Click here for information on books and materials.

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